little light of mine library.jpg

"…I'm gonna let it shine."

My daughters and I are going on an adventure. One where we love on our neighbors near and far through our love for literacy. In particular books about the important stuff in life like kindness, love for others, love for oneself. Books on topics such as acceptance, being brave and standing up for what’s right even if it means you have to stand alone; books about respect, friendship and making a difference. My family is far from perfect. I consider myself a work in progress. We don’t always get it right. We’ve missed out on opportunities to practice hospitality because someone is cranky, or tired, “too busy” or the house isn’t clean enough. Also introvert here. I’ve certainly made a mad dash to run into the house before being caught outside in my pajamas or my hair wild and free (if I don’t make eye contact then they didn’t see me right?). But here’s the thing, we don’t always have to get it right we just need to make every effort to do what is right, to do better the next time, to be better the next time and be willing to extend grace and also receive it. We are good at seeking out opportunities to give back, we are a family of helpers, searching for those that feel unloveable or are overlooked and finding a way to show them that they are indeed loved. But we are ready to be found too. To make eye contact and new friends. We are ready to let our light shine beyond our jobs, favorite causes or closest friends. Our lights will still shine in those places but we’re going to try and light up our block, and then maybe our neighborhood and since we’re on Instagram we might aim a little higher. And perhaps the best part? When we let our lights shine, and help light the way for others, we get to bask in the glow too. As the world seems to grow increasingly dark we are making the decision to shine brighter. We are choosing love again and again. Choosing love over fear or hate, over the what if’s. We aren’t here to cast judgment only love and light and are excited to grow in the process. My children are such bright lights and I’m forever grateful to stand in their light day after day.

This was first shared on Instagram -- our 1st post! This is our reason. Love is our reason.